FOR NATURAL LOOKING SEMI-PERMANENT BROWS (lasts 18 months to two years)



It’s particularly successful for women (and men) who have

• Overplucked
• Have had cancer treatment
• Have lost brow fullness as part of ageing
• Want fuller brows without applying makeup every day
• Suffer with Alopecia and hair loss
• Are transitioning to either gender

You can either go with a very natural soft approach or opt for bolder, fuller brows if you wish.

Our brows are what frame our face, giving us definition and character, but for lots of reasons, many of us are not happy with ours and need them to be fuller.

Microblading is a long-lasting way to improve the look and definition of your brows in a natural, non-obvious way. Using a hand Microblading tool, tiny hair strokes are created, designed to mimic the natural direction and shape of your brows.


Microblading Eyebrows Cost: or the first visit including • The initial consultation • Patch test • The procedure
for ESSENTIAL Touch up 4 – 6 weeks later Should a third visit be necessary, in the first three months this will cost £50.
Further to this, top-ups will be charged at a rate of:
0-3 months
0 – 1 year
1 year – 18 months
18 months onwards
Eyebrow wax and tidy