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“So so happy with my eyebrows, have been searching for a place everywhere and relieved I have found this place.Hellen did such an amazing job, getting loads of compliments, even from random people in the street. Highly recommend”!!! Orchid Retreat Customer


Our brows are what frame our face, giving us definition and character, but for lots of reasons many of us are not happy with ours and need them to be more defined, or fuller.

Microblading is a long-lasting way to improve the look and definition of your brows in a natural, non-obvious way.

Using a hand Microblading tool, tiny hair strokes are created, designed to mimic the natural direction and shape of your brows.

It’s particularly successful for women (and men) who have:

  • Overplucked
  • Have had cancer treatment
  • Have lost brow fullness as part of ageing
  • Want fuller brows without applying makeup every day
  • Alopecia and hair loss

You can either go with a very natural, soft approach or opt for bolder, fuller brows if you wish.


(a natural, youthful brow where the client wanted a full, bold look)


The first part of the process is the consultation; which can be either part of, or separate to your main treatment.

We’ll discuss your requirements and the look you are trying to achieve in-depth. We may do a patch test at this point to ensure you are safe to use colour on.

We will look at colour matching to see what looks best on your skin and against your hair and eye colour, once this has been agreed there is measuring and brows are drawn on with an eyebrow pencil, which we’ll continue to do until you are happy with the finished result.

( The client needed a more natural cover up for their faded, discoloured brow tattoos)


The treatment usually takes around an hour.  The biggest worry our previous clients have had is that it will hurt.  This isn’t the case – you will feel scratching, but it isn’t painful at all. We use a numbing cream so you don’t feel anything at all during the procedure.

We simply create the effect of tiny hairs with the microblading tool, then fill them in with the colour.

It’s important to remember that the finished result will look quite a lot darker than you may expect, but this fades around 4-5 days to reveal your chosen colour.


We will see you again around 4 – 6 weeks after the process for a touch up of the result and check you’re happy with the shape and colour.

At this time, we’ll make sure there are no patches, and that your brows look as beautifully defined as you would hope.

(The client wanted a natural, shapely brow finish that didn’t look too ‘done)

Alopecia and Hair Loss Specialists:

We are North London and Barnet’s specialists for treating people who have lost their brows to Alopecia and hair loss.  We work closely with you to find a shape, shade and style that suits your face shape and the small strokes of Microblading create a natural ‘hairlike’ finish rather than blocky tattoo’s previously available.

Clients report feeling more confident, like themselves and ‘transformed’ by having their brows shaped in this way.

*before and after for two Alopecia Clients


Microblading Eyebrows Cost:

£250 including

  • The initial consultation
  • Patch test
  • The procedure
  • Touch up 4 – 6 weeks later

Should a third visit be required this is from an additional £100

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“Finally decided to have microblading on my eyebrows and wish I’d done it ages ago. The results are brilliant, I now have full and natural looking eyebrows with a proper shape. If you’re thinking about it, get it done!” Orchid Retreat Customer

(This client had virtually no brows left, so we filled it in and replaced them with a natural, defined arch)