Body Piercing

Please Enquire from £25 Appointment

Our trained therapists are here to personalise your treatments, to help you relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with the influence of the Far East.

Whats included..

  • All body piercings are carried out by a qualified therapist under a strict hygienic and sterile environment using Titanium which is hypoallergenic.
Piercing Price
Navel £25
Eyebrows £28
Lip (labret) £28
Nipple £28
Nose £40
Tragus (ear) £28
Ears Free (charged only  for the earrings of choice)

(Please check the age requirement before making an appointment)

We have a wonderful range of navel costume jewellery in the salon, please enquire.

To arrange this treatment or any of the other treatments.
Please call 0208 441 3557 or 0208 447 5787  or fill out the appointment form and we will be happy to deal with your requests.