Bio Therapeutic

60 Minutes £55 Appointment


Our trained therapists are here to personalise your treatments, to help you relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with the influence of the Far East.

Whats included in this treatment.

  • The Bio-Ultimate Therapeutic Facial re-defines skin care. This intensive facial treatment takes the non-surgical face lift to a new dimension. The treatment combines the lifting benefits of the Bio-Therapeutic computer with advance product technology resulting in improved skin tone, elasticity, moisturisation and a recution in fine lines and wrinkles.

             Single session £55

             Course of 10 £450 We recommend a course for optimal result

Add on for Facials
1. Steam & Extraction £10.00
2. Mini-Destress Massage £10.00
3. AHA Skin Refine £10.00

5 Days Later

5 days later

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8 days later

12 Days Later

12 days later

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