Boost your Brain, Manage Your Mood and Detox Your Body

Boost your Brain, Manage Your Mood and Detox Your Body

Happy New Year! I want you to feel healthy and well and keep to your resolutions in 2018 but I know it’s not easy – by the end of the third week of January 74% of us has given up.

That’s why I absolutely believe that alongside diet and exercise you need to nourish and nurture the outside of your body too.

Deep massages are great for helping shift toxins that leave you feeling and looking a bit grey.  They also have a scientifically proven effect on your mood and sense of wellness – vital if you’re struggling a bit with SAD or just a case of the January blues.

Using the right treatments can also have an amazing impact on how you look, tightening and toning the skin goes a long way to helping those post-Christmas pounds look a little less wobbly!

So many people try to deprive themselves in January and it always fails. It’s dark, it’s cold and you don’t look your best anyway, so it isn’t surprising most of us find it hard.  I tell people to make a resolution to take more care of themselves – value your body and lavish it with love and affection and those tough targets are so much easier to hit. Before you know it, Spring will be here and you’ll be so grateful you did.

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Have fantastic January,